welcome to Berana ethiopia tour

Welcome to Berana Ethiopia Tour we are here to guide you to the magnificent country of Ethiopia treasures.

Berana Ethiopia Tour is an Ethiopian tour operator company to show the Ethiopia diversity in a good manner and experience tour guide for clients who live in different part of the world.we arrange a specially itineraries for groups and individuals depend on the clients interests.

We Berana Ethiopia Tour dedicated to fulfill the clients interest for that matter Our tour Company guides are full of experience with professional meltey ligulas Our service we offer as follows

  1. Individual Tours
  2. Adventure Tours
  3. historical
  4. Cultural tours
  5. Natural
  6. sightseeing
  7. Trekking and hiking
  8. Photo safaris
  9. Wild life safaris
  10.  Bird watching
  11.  Air ticket booking
  12.  Hotel reservation

So all the listed programs in the above we offer in our Berana Ethiopia Tour activities message of G/M Tewodros G/Michael.