About Us

Our tour company engaged as a experienced tour guide and operator since  in 2005 mo re than 13 years professionals guiding and operating in the tourism industry.

Ethiopia is the land of the origin  and the 13 month of sunshine so  to promote our diversify country in different touristic aspect  due to this reason  we  work hardly   to develop unforgettable holidays with special care of Ethiopian Hospitality .

We work hardly for  clients  need and  want by offering  you unique itineraries depend on the clients interest  which will make you to capture the heart and the soul of Ethiopian destinations .

Berana Ethiopia Tour  is an Ethiopian tour operator company to show the Ethiopia diversity in a good manner and experience tour guide for clients who live in different part of the world.we arrange a specially itineraries for groups and individuals depend on the clients interests.

We Berana EthiopiaTour dedicated to fulfill the clients interest for that matter Our tour  Company  guides are full of experience  with professional meltey ligulas

Our service we offer as follows

1)Individual Tours,

2) Adventure Tours, 

3) historical

4) Cultural tours,

 5)Natural 6) sightseeing,

7)Trekking and hiking,

8 )Photo safaris, 

9)Wild life safaris,

10) Bird watching, 

11) Air ticket booking

12) Hotel , reservation 

 So all the listed programs in the above we offer in our Berana Ethiopia Tour activities    message of  G/M Tewodros G/Michael.